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Aquatic Ops

Scuba Instruction Classes

Aquatic Ops

Professional Diver Training


PDIC Scuba Instruction Open Water through Instructor
Underwater Crime Scene Investigations
Marine Port Security, Pier & Hull Search
SRT/Police Diver, Search & Recovery Diver
Advanced Under Water Navigation

Aquatic Ops Aquatic Ops Aquatic Ops

Aquatic Ops was formed to educate, train and instill safety, confidence and professionalism into the first time student all the way through the most qualified diver. Affiliated with SRT/Police Divers, we offer a wide spectrum of classes ranging from Jr. Open Water Diver to Instructor and we also offer Law Enforcement Type Training. Our Instructors have a diverse background in Law Enforcement Diving and Training. So when you’re ready to explore the next frontier, train with the professionals at Aquatic Ops.

Aquatic Ops Aquatic Ops

PDIC International is the Dive Organization that certifies all our divers from Jr. Open Water to the Law Enforcement Classes. These Certifications are valid through out the world and the certifications are lifetime

Aquatic Ops Aquatic Ops Aquatic Ops

Recreational Courses

*Jr Open Water Diver*
*Open Water diver*
*Advanced Open Water Diver*
*Dive Supervisor*
*Assistant Instructor*

Helicasting PDIC International Hull Search

*Specialty Courses Available*

*Advanced Underwater Navigation*
*Underwater Crime Scene Investigation*
*Marine Port Security Diver*
*Pier & Hull Search*
*SRT/Police Diver*
*Search & Recovery*

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